Ducati Oil Drain Plug

Corsair Industries Ducati Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

This high quality solid brass drain plug is the perfect maintenance upgrade for your bike

The factory drain plug uses an internal hex key to fasten the plug to the bike, this internal hex will quickly become damaged either in the removal or installation process

Improved design replaces the internal hex with an external hex, more than doubling the load bearing capacity of the drain plug

Plug has an M22x1.5 thread and a 19mm flanged hex head

Many tracks require safety wired oil drains plugs or belly pans to be allowed on the track. Be sure to check with your local track before going out for a track day and be prepared so you do not end up sitting in the paddock while everyone else is riding.

Drain plug is pre-drilled for safety wire perfect for track days or an added sense of security

Planning a track day check out the safety wired billet oil fill plug

Like the factory plug Corsair Industries replacement drain plug has a built in magnet for removing metal particulates from your oil. However this improved plug has the magnet sealed in the plug for easy cleaning

Magnet is fully secured within the plug via an internal snap ring and then potted with an aerospace adhesive for easy cleaning

Made in the USA