Ducati Desmoquattro Cam Removal

Corsair Industries Cam Pulley Removal Tool for your Ducati

This tool is functionally equivalent to Ducati tool #887005644

You get two tools:

The first is needed to properly engage the cam nut, while the second holds the 18 tooth pulley.

Wanting to upgrade to adjustable pulleys, install new cams, or time your bike to where it should be?
All you need is this tool kit to remove your cam pulleys, and combine this with our engine turner and unleash more horsepower from your bike.
Works on 2v and 4v engines that have 18 tooth cam pulleys
Cam holder protected with a black anodized finish, while the socket has a black zinc finish.


1) Rotate engine to TDC.
2) Note how far off your cam is from TDC.
3) Adjust Cam Pulley or Remove Cam Pulley and insert offset woodruff key.
4) Torque Cam Pulley.

Google and see that people get around 4 hp just from setting their timing.

This is free power, no pipes, no chip, just adjust your cam pulley or buy fifteen dollars in woodruff keys.

Like all Corsair Industries Tools this is priced at a fraction of the cost of the factory tool.