Ducati Frame Plug

Corsair Industries Billet Ducati Frame Plug

CNC crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized per Mil-A-8625 Type II bright dip for years of hassle free maintenance

Standard anodized finishes available in black, red and gold; custom finishes are always available

Fills the unsightly tube ends in your trellised frame. Replace the plastic caps that Ducati uses with something that aesthetically finishes the frame

Sold as individual plugs, mix and match sizes or colors to meet your need

Available in two sizes:

       25mm (.98") outer diameter installs in a 19mm to 21mm(.75"-.83") inner diameter frame tube - Listed as a 25mm purchasing option

       28mm (1.1") outer diameter installs in a 22.5mm to 24.5mm (.88"-.96") inner diameter frame tube- Listed as a 28mm purchasing option

Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Billet Frame Plugs?
Installation is very easy, simply slid the plug into the frame tube and use a 5mm allen wrench to turn the socket head capscrew until it is snug. If you have difficulty sliding the plug into the frame loosen the socket head cap screw then place plug in frame and tighten.
How do I determine which sized Billet Frame Plug I need?
Remove the factory plastic plugs and measure the exterior and interior diameter of your frame tube. Frame plug outer diameter should match outer diameter of frame. Inner diameter of frame tube should fall within the range of the frame plug shown above.
Will one size frame plug fit everywhere?
No Ducati uses a variety of tube wall thicknesses, you should remove the factory plastic caps and verify the interior diameter.
I don't see the diameter that I need?
Please email us at questions@corsair-industries.comwith what you are looking for.